Top Message

We will spread across the country our own business model based on a virtuous cycle which is supported by our solid business base.

We at Pressance Corporation would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all you have done for us in the past.
Owing to your support, we remained No. 1 in the supply of condominiums in 2017 in the Kinki, Tokai, and Chukyo regions, and we came in second in the entire country, providing 5,267 condominiums and showing solid growth as we had done in the past.

As to the reasons for our sustainable growth, we can point to our ability to acquire land more aggressively because of our stable financial base. Further, by handling large numbers of sites, we can gain favorable conditions in interest and construction costs.

In other words, it is a chain: we can hold down overall costs because of economies of scale, which will enable us to provide high value-added condominiums in good locations at lower costs, which in turn will make it easier for customers to buy them. Our financial base will become stronger because of this chain and lead to the next virtuous cycle. We are confident that keeping this cycle going efficiently and effectively is the engine for the growth of this company.

Regarding our visions for the future, we aim to create a presence in other markets, especially in metropolitan areas, while maintaining our top share in the Kinki, Tokai and Chukyo regions. It is not our purpose in itself to keep the top share in the Kinki, Tokai and Chukyo markets but to acquire good information and conditions thereby and to further solidify our business base. Thereafter, we plan to spread our own business model based on a virtuous cycle across the country.
We hope you will kindly give us your further support and understanding for this endeavor in the future as well.

July, 2018 山岸 忍 President, Pressance Corporation Co., Ltd.